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Date and Place

The second edition of the Cinema Imaginarios International Film Festival is to take place in Queretaro, Mexico, during the month of December of the current year. Additionally, during the month of Novembre, it`ll be hosted by the city of Madrid, Spain.


Every year, the festival works with three main themes that seek to grow stronger exhibition spaces and to generate new public for the content whose narratives are often excluded from commercial venues. 

The main themes for this edition are:


    LGBTTIQ+ representation has been gaining ground through the years, allowing spectators to have access to views and experiences that, up to some years ago, was kept to a not very accessible kind of cinema.  We want to keep on offering these spaces of visibility and representation for the narratives that explore stories outside heteronormativity, that incite dialogue and normalization of them.

  • Participatory cinema (documentary)

    Not only content is important for the films we watch, but also the practices that lay behind. We are interested in reinforcing the creation of a cinema made outside the traditional production models, which respond to a search for community collaboration, diversity and solidarity; a cinema that is made with the present resources and collaborators, both in its narrative interests and in the same practices.

  • Young filmmakers (up to 35 years old).

    It’ll be possible to have a better look at current young filmmakers, getting to know, through fiction, an international outlook of their interests, tendencies and worries, both in form and content. We wish to promote spaces for those who are at the beginning of the path, and to serve as a platform to build community among the new generations that are leading the roads of cinematography. 


It will be possible to enter in any of the following categories:

  • LGBTTIQ+ International Fiction
  • Communal Cinema International Documentary
  • Young Filmmakers International Fiction
  • International LGBTTIQ+ Short Film
  • International Participatory Cinema (documentary)
  • International Young Filmmakers Short Film


  1. Short films may not exceed 30 minutes in length (credits included).
  2. Interested projects must have been completed as of January 2020.
  3. In case the short film is in a foreign or native language, it must be subtitled in Spanish.
  4. Projects must participate in only one category
  5. Project will be submitted via FilmFreeway.
  6. The Festival will not pay projections to the authors of the selected works.
  7. The Jury’s decision will be unappealable.
  8. The contestants are responsible for the rights of the works sent.
  9. The dates and times of screening will be announced in the official program of the Festival, as well as on social networks.
  10. The Festival may use fragments of the selected films to broadcast the event in the media, including the Internet.
  11. The organization of the Festival will not cover in any case the expenses of tickets, travel expenses or accommodation for the authors of the selected short films.
  12. In the case of the Young Filmmakers category, it will be necessary to present an official identification.
  13. Submitting a short film to the 2022 International Imaginary Cinema Festival implies acceptance of these rules.
  14. Any matter not resolved in this call will be considered by the Organizing Committee of this Festival.
  15. For questions and clarifications, contact


Open call from June 15 to September 30 

The selection will be announced on November 5 by mail and through the social networks of the Coordinación de Cinematografía UAQ 

The winners of each category will be announced at the closing of the festival.

The jury will be made up of personalities from the local, national and international cinematographic field and its decision will be final.


Through the FilmFreeway platform:


Selected projects

If the project is selected, it will be communicated to the filmmakers by email. They must send to the Coordinación de Cinematografía UAQ email, through WeTransfer, Dropbox or Drive, the short film in digital file .mov format, video codec H.264, resolution 1920 x 1080 or 2K, AAC stereo or 5.1 sound and a projection authorization letter (whose format will be attached in the mail). The project on FilmFreeway must contain the following: 3 stills of the project, poster, data sheet (duration, country, language, year of production), photography of the directors, short profile of the directors, synopsis.